Real Estate Leads: How To Boost Your Real Estate Practice

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Real estate leads can come from many sources, and the enterprising real estate agent should probably be using several ways to generate leads. A lead can be described as someone who is in the market to buy or sell their home or business within the next six months.

People like to work with a real estate agent with whom they can identify. They like to know that their agent is knowledgeable about the city, neighborhood, schools and the overall economy of the area, if they are buying. If they are selling, the homeowner likes to see activity. There is nothing more frustrating for a seller to agree to a listing, and the only time they see or hear from the realtor is when they sign on for the listing.

Real estate leads, then are people with whom you as a realtor can connect and open a conversation with something of value and go from there.

Many leads can be developed by the realtors themselves, but this takes time and efforts, but relationships are very important. Activities in civic events, clubs, and being generally known around town is important. Publicity when you sell a house is important too, because people see that and that is important. So staying in touch with people who are likely to buy or sell in the future is an important facet of lead farming.

Utilizing lead companies can be very productive when you are looking for prospective buyers or sellers. Companies like Zillow provide leads of people who have their homes on the market and may be planning on moving to your area. If you can connect with those people, you may have a leg up on your competition.

One realtor sent all prospective people moving to the area box of oranges (he lived in Orlando) and a map of the area, and offered to show them around town when they arrived. The small investment in the oranges paid off with lots of good leads and sales.

If a purchased lead is the real deal, that is someone who is an actual party planning on moving to your city, for you to strike up a good relationship can be worth its weight in gold. If you have an exclusive connection, you are in the home stretch. But more than likely you may be sharing that lead with other realtors, which can make the lead value go down quite a bit. You really have to watch your lead costs carefully in cases like that.

If you can automate much of the follow up and email communication, you also have an edge on agents that choose not to automate, get a nice website and make it easy for prospects to communicate with your. If you have lots of real estate leads coming in that are warm to lukewarm, you can make a system like that work as well. Setting yourself apart from the crowd is the key, and you know how to do that already.

Real Estate Leads Using Software

Since we are deep into the computer age, it only makes sense that if you are in any type of sales business where you handle lots of prospects, you will need some kind of system that helps you organize and keep track of your leads. Especially in the real estate business you will need some kind of real estate leads software to help you keep track of everybody.

First of all a system that can identify potential buyers from sites like Zillow, social media sources, and triggers like transfer announcements and so forth, all need to be put in one bucket and processed. This would be for a buyer’s agent to use. The leads could come from a variety of geographical sources.

Seller’s agents can mine leads from similar sources, only on a local basis. The leads are then processed in accordance with the intent of marketing to buyers or sellers of homes, or both.

A series of mailers can be sent out with appropriate links to homes in the areas in which these people might be interested in living. The software is sensitive to demographics and interest levels that are received back from prospects.

The utilization of real estate leads software should do all of the heavy lifting of sifting and sorting of names in accordance to interest level and the names move down the sales funnel, until your arrive at the point that you are only dealing with hot, interested prospects who want to work with you in the process of finding their next home.

The software will be able to mine the MLS and get pertinent information about all the pricing, taxes, schools, neighborhoods, shopping, etc., so you can spend the bulk of your time on the phone with prospects, or in the field showing houses.

The software will have a mobile app so that you are never far away from alerts, phone calls and information. The real estate leads software needs to be dynamic so that it adapts to changing situations.

Since nearly 90 per cent of real estate shoppers use the internet for their looking and choosing of homes, your software needs to be a step ahead and have all the information that will get you in the door, to the prospects interests, and to get the sale.

The software will have an autoresponder with a series of letters and memos that react automatically to whatever the prospects interests are. There will be a vast amount of pertinent content that will be valuable to prospects in regard to the area in which they would like to live, financing, sights to see, recreational activities and much more. It will be more than just fluff, but deep enough to get the attention of the prospect, but not too much so as to bore him or her.

Once you are freed up from clerical duties of sorting and processing names, you can concentrate on people and getting them to see your open house this coming weekend.

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Using Software-Generated Real Estate Leads For Realtors

Probably the most frustrating job of any salesperson is the art of prospecting. Names are everywhere, but most of them are not real prospects, only suspects, or just names. A prospect has to be defined as a person who has a need for what you have to offer, they have the wherewithal to purchase it, and you think that they will buy from you. If you use the “Need, Money, Think” formula, you will be a lot better off and you will have less difficulty in separating your real prospects from just the “lookers.”

In the real estate business, you need lots of names from many different sources. They can come from referrals, lists of recent promotions, names from out of town publications announcing transfers to your area, Chamber of Commerce lists, and prospects that have a “live” interest coming from websites such as Zillow.

In real estate you simply need the name of a family who is moving to your area, or who is in your area and thinking of buying and selling their home. But how do you find such individuals. You find them by utilizing all of the preceding methods plus social media and local internet marketing. Of course referrals are the cream of the crop in the land of leads, but you will have far more names than referrals.

So what a realtor needs is a software generated leads for realtors system, where the system mines for leads from demographically solid sources and throws then into your system, only to be sorted out for you to contact. Once contacted or not contacted, they are sent an appropriate letter or email to make contact that way. Letters are preferred, just because no one sends them anymore and it is a way for you to stand out from the crowd.

Once the names begin to flow in your software generated leads for realtors lead machine, you simply follow the dots. The software does the mailings, the follow up and the sorting and sifting, all you have to do is follow up. You will be spending your time with people instead of being a clerk. Clerks don’t get paid much, but a talented real estate sales person gets paid a lot.

Zillow is a good example of a hot lead being generated. Mrs. Smith learns that she and her husband are going to be transferred from Chicago to Miami, so she gets on Zillow and starts nosing around. One of the Zillow requirements is that Mrs. Smith put in her vital statistics as to the type of house she wants, the price range, payments, etc.

Zillow sells these real estate leads, but Mrs. Smith certainly meets the “Need, Money, Think” criteria, so her name shows up as an alert in your system, and you give her a call. She is glad to get your call because she knows nothing about Miami except she thinks they have a football team named after a fish.

Your software-generated real estate leads for realtors lead matching can process thousands of leads like this and will be able to help you process hundreds of Mrs. Smith leads. Think that would help you in your day to day efforts?

Posted by Ingming Aberia, 4/11/2021

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