How To Find Software Realtors Can Trust

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How To Find Software Realtors Can Trust

You’ve finally reached the tipping point! Your business has grown and after much consideration you’ve decided to go paperless and get all of your files organized electronically. Now comes the the decision making process where you must weigh the pros and cons before purchasing any real estate transaction software.

Picking The Right Electronic Transaction Management Software

Electronic real estate software usually includes several features that can help track and organize your real estate transactions. You want to purchase a robust software package that is capable to scale and grow with your business. It’s also important to pick one with features that help you keep most tasks automated.

Electronic Signature Features

One way that software realtors use can help you, is by taking electronic signatures. This can drastically cut down on the signing and tracking a mountain of documents, as an electronic signature helps speed up the closing process. There won’t be any need to hire a courier or request certified mail for sales papers. Realtor software can protect confidentiality by e-mailing the documents and then storing each returned and electronically signed contract.

Effective Client Contact Management

A realtors list of contacts can become large and out control in no time at all. This is why selecting real estate office software that has list management features is important. You want to just simply import your existing list from any email program into the management software. Once imported your contacts should be able to be organized by tags, special notations, and customer profiles, all of which will now be available at your fingertips.

Lead Management And Generation

Every realtor needs to focus on changing contacts into real estate sales leads. Lead management functions should include customizable reports that match leads with available properties. You should be able to view notes, previous emails, and assigned tasks all within the program. It’s also possible to purchase software that will generate leads automatically from your websites contact forms.

Property Management

When prospective clients meet in your office they may ask for map to the property they are interested in. A good software package should be able to create maps on the fly using Google Maps, complete with driving instructions. This software should also be able to automatically resize photographs and upload multiple photos to your website automatically. More importantly, the latest software realtors use can upload YouTube videos, and slide shows of available properties.

When all is said and done, you are looking for a program that can help streamline how your business runs. So choose a package that also will help you generate web pages, with all the pertinent property information included. Using a good software can cut down on expenses (you won’t need a web designer), and cut down on excess work. However, be sure to ask if your real estate software comes with full phone, email, and web based support, just in case you run into trouble and need to ask for help.

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